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About Us

Fairly new to the B2B industry, clusterhall has earned a good enough reputation quickly. Clusterhall Group is offering digital media and technological services, based in the FRANCE. World trade itself has its operational units around the world.

It is the only B2B marketplace currently offering up to 10 leads free of cost when you sign up to it. This has been a huge selling point for businesses, and this can be seen through its fast growth in only a few years. Most of its manufacturers are from China however, it also has partnering businesses from the Europe,  North America, South America, Africa,  CIS, India, Malaysia, Australia and Pakistan

Due to its main operating unit based in Pakistan, the platform is becoming a part of CPEC and will benefit greatly due to this in the future. Lowest wholesale rates and fast delivery is what you can expect from world trade.

The website has especially benefit smaller to medium businesses, failed to gain recognition on previous platforms. 10 Free B2B lead generation is, of course, a major reason to sign up here.

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