US dairy farmers seek free access to Kenyan market

Cluster Hall August 12, 2020

US dairy farmers seek free access to Kenyan market

US dairy farmers want unfettered access of their milk products to the Kenyan market in the proposed free trade agreement between Nairobi and Washington, which could have far-reaching implications on Kenya’s milk farmers.

Kenya recently introduced a 10 percent import levy on dairy products to protect the local industry from unfair competition.

But in a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer regarding the trade negotiations, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) said Kenya’s protectionist measures over its dairy sector limits US dairy’s ability to enter the Kenyan market.

Kenya and the US formally launched negotiations last month for a bilateral trade agreement that the two economies hope could serve as a model for additional agreements across the African continent.

After being a net importer of dairy products a decade ago, the US now claims a dairy trade surplus of more than $2 billion (Sh206 billion) and sends American dairy products to more than 140 countries.

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