Westomatic develops Evolve sports nutrition beverage dispenser

Cluster Hall January 8, 2021

Westomatic develops Evolve sports nutrition beverage dispenser

UK-based vending machine manufacturer Westomatic has developed a sports nutrition beverage dispensing solution for locations such as gyms, leisure centres and training facilities.

Westomatic claims that the machine can dispense up to four flavours of sports nutrition drinks, and is compatible with several powdered or granulated supplements including protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), pre-workout, thermogenic, electrolytes, meal replacement and weight loss powders.

Each flavour or type of supplement is contained in its own canister, and is then delivered through separate pipes and nozzles. This means that the Evolve dispenser can offer consumers a vegan option, ensuring the drink will be free from contamination with dairy-containing products.

The machine is equipped with contactless Hover Select technology, meaning that consumers can use the machine without making physical contact.

The dispenser is designed to be used with a refillable bottle or shaker only, so the machine does not dispense single-use plastic bottles or cups.

Michael Hoban, marketing manager, said: “We knew there was demand for a dispenser like this: a machine with a small footprint, that was eco-friendly, which could dispense different types of sports supplement drinks – without a customer ever having to touch it.

“It ticks all the boxes to shake up the market. It is the future of on-the-move sports nutrition, today.”

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